we were in love

wearing three layers of coats and legwarmers

1 April
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my name is kate. i am twenty-three years old.

i like big hair and big earrings.

i play with beautiful little beasts all day & teach them about the weather and the days of the week.

i like the color red and round-toed pumps
and drinking wine out of giant goblets.

music makes my heart beat.
feist, decemberists, sufjan stevens, modest mouse, the shins, stars,
wolf parade, arcade fire, tegan and sara, okkervil river, mates of state.

s-s-s-sex and the city. what not to wear. america's next top model.

i seem to have a penchant for mcdonalds hamburgers and mary-kate and ashley.

if we had children they'd be lovely and beautiful.